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Canadian Consolidated index (cci)

The Canadian Crude Index Alliance (CCIA), a Canadian crude benchmark that aggregates the existing index data of Marex Spectron and One Exchange, two leading energy brokers. CCIA is a major development for the Canadian crude market, in which there are currently a variety of indices compiled by different energy brokers. The consolidation of Marex Spectron’s and One Exchange’s Canadian crude indices through Enerdata, which has pioneered many natural gas indices, is an important step to providing the market with a real-time industry benchmark. The new indices and the underlying data will be available to clients

Candian Consolidated Index Methodology

The OX Index

OXI Index is equivalent to the volume weighted average price in a trading period.

Each trading day is calculated by using the volumetric weighted average of all trades done within the Index Hours. The OXDI for the entire NOS window will be calculated by using an arithmeic average of each day.

OX Index Methodology

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