One exchange

One Exchange Corp. (OX) is an inter-dealer broker offering independent and unbiased brokerage services for the North American Natural Gas, Canadian Crude Oil, and NGL markets.

At OX, we focus on delivering dynamic industry advancements with a competitive edge to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. We empower traders with THE OX Trading Platform, an advanced and sophisticated gateway to live market prices, bilateral trading, access to multiple clearing houses and straight-through processing.

The experienced and knowledgeable professionals at One Exchange Corp. work together as a team to deliver innovative solutions to our clients’ needs. This unique team approach ensures that our staff share a common goal of client satisfaction. OX’s professional team has broad market experience ranging from energy trading and OTC broking to the deployment of a variety of electronic platforms. It’s through these experiences that we have developed trusting relationships with key market participants and networked connections with a diverse base of liquidity providers. This dependable network, including numerous producers, marketers, and financial institutions allows us to deliver unparalleled market depth and a high level of transparency.

We provide the tools for our clients to access the most comprehensive, targeted analysis in the industry and successfully visualize and anticipate developing market trends. We believe that staying ahead of the curve is critically important to our clients’ success; and collectively, our experience, analysis, and sophisticated technologies will help you stay ahead of that curve.