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How we Work

Our Strengths

At OX, we follow an integrated team model to deliver the best of our broking experiences in three key disciplines:

OTC Broking

We provide personalized, professional, and real-time assistance when you need it. Our brokers work together as a team to deliver individualized services to all of our clients. Whether it’s a straightforward fixed price deal or a cross-commodity structured deal, we will work diligently and efficiently as a team to deliver the best possible price to our clients.

Electronic Broking

Through THE OX Trading Platform™ we offer our clients instant access to real-time markets and historical market data. Designed and deployed by trading professionals who understand the daily nuances of the trading world, our platform is tailored to meet the needs of all its users and their specific trading systems.

Efficient Trade Processes

With years of experience on various trading desks, OX is equipped with an ample understanding of the advanced processes and technologies required to facilitate and improve trading. To streamline and improve our client’s day-to-day trading process we deliver:

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