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Canadian Crude Oil market overview

Canadian Crude Oil pipeline expansions

Canadian Crude Oil pipeline expansions will allow greater export to the US, our largest trading partner. Some of the proposed projects are identified below:

Keystone Pipeline Project

   dotThe Keystone pipeline system will cost an estimated US $12 billion.

   dotOn June 30, 2010, Phase 1 of the Keystone project began operation. This was largely done through a
   dotnatural gas pipeline conversion as well as a new “bullet line” that brings the crude continuously from
   dotCanada to refinery hubs in the US Midwest.

   dotPhase 2 of the project is the Keystone Cushing. This will extend the Keystone pipeline from Steele City,
   dotNebraska to Cushing, Oklahoma connecting storage to distribution facilities.

   dotThe Keystone Gulf Coast Expansion is 36 inch pipe that will be approximately 2,673 km long. It will start at
   dotHardisty, Alberta and end up in Nederland, Texas to supply crude oil to the Port Arthur, Texas market. It will
   dotgo through Saskatchewan, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska and Kansas. The Cushing market will be
   dotable to benefit from supply on this pipeline as it moves through Cushing to eventually end up in Nederland,

   dotKeystone will initially have capacity for 435,000 bbl/d and eventually expand to 1.1 million bbl/d.

Enbridge Gateway Pipeline

This pipeline would link Edmonton to the Kitimat deepwater port in British Columbia, and supply oil from the Oilsands to Asia, California or other locations abroad via tankers.

Southern Lights Pipeline

The purpose of this pipeline is to ship light hydrocarbons from Chicago to Edmonton so that the heavy oil operators from Alberta can dilute their product in order to flow it down the pipleline. This diluent is normally supplied from natural gas liquids but the supply of Canadian natural gas is in decline.

Alberta Clipper

Enbridge built this 1,607 km pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta to Superior, Wiconsin to meet growing need for North American energy security. Initially it will have 450,000 bbl/d capacity but will ultimately have 800,000 bbl/d capacity.

Southern Access

In anticipation of future growth in refinery demand coincidental with growth in Canadian crude oil supplies, Enbridge has expanded and/or extended its pipeline program to Chicago area. Enbridge boasts the benefits of the line are cost effective for their shippers as well as scalable. Ultimate flexibility coupled with faster shipping times make this a valuable option for refiners.

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CAPP 2009 Oil Pipeline Map
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